The All-in-One Cloud

ZGRO Cloud Backup is a complete solution that meets all of its user’s needs through a secure,
flexible, and smart system.

Simple Administration

ZGRO Cloud offers a centralized administration console used to deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore
data to users all without leaving your seat.

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ZGRO Cloud automatically sorts your files. Upload any file and our technology will
organize all of your documents, financial spreadsheets, PDFs, and presentations making them more accessible.

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MS SQL Backup

Databases are central to the success of any business. Failure to protect them can have catastrophic consequences.
ZGRO offers a simple way to easily protect and restore databases.

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OCR Discovery

Searching for scanned documents can be tiresome and time-consuming. ZGRO solves this problem with it’s Optical Character Recognition software, which not only converts any scanned document into searchable data, but will also extract any text from a JPEG or TIFF image.

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Complete Audit

The audit log within ZGRO Cloud chronologically records all of the security-relevant data that are performed on the system. This includes:

  • - User Management Tracking: Create, suspend, activate and delete users.

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Media Aware

On average, 60-80% of all stored content is photos, videos and audio files. Your business needs a cost-effective way to store and locate these files with a click of a button. ZGRO Cloud offers an effortless measure to view all of your media files on-demand in one integrated solution.

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Automatic Backup

With our automatic protection feature, You have the freedom to run backups continuously or via a schedule. We also give you the ability to set bandwidth throttling and performance modes to reduce consumption during peak business hours.

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Smart Filters & Tagging

We’ve built handy tools to help you point out files without the hassle of time-consuming searches.
This elimiates the overwhelming need of dealing with huge volumes of data generated on a daily basis.

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Remote Restore

With ZGRO Cloud, you can easily search for your files from any backed-up device and push them to another one with a few of clicks.

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