Why ZGRO Cloud

A growing pain for businesses is having masses of unstructured data scattered across desktops, laptops and mobile devices. With no time and inadequate security measures to protect these valuable data assets, we created a solution that organises and protects your data with military-grade encryption.

Easy To Use

ZGRO Cloud is made with you in mind. You don’t need any technical skill or even an IT degree. Just upload your data and the technology will do the rest, allowing you to focus on what really matters; your business. If you do require any assistance, our dedicated support can answer any questions you may have.

Save Money

Our top priority is to save you money, whilst keeping your valuable data assets safe, secure and accessible. We eliminate the need for costly IT resources such as on-premise over-priced storage equipment. You’ll only need pay for the on-demand secure storage you need.

Quick File Search

You have an important meeting or presentation, but can’t find the file. Why waste time searching through folders, when you can enter a keyword and get relevant results in seconds. With ZGRO Cloud you can do just that. You can even preview the sentence it’s used it – much like a search engine.

OCR & Content Search

Searching for scanned documents can be tiresome and time-consuming. ZGRO solves this problem with it’s Optical Character Recognition software, which not only converts any scanned document into searchable data, but will also extract any text from a JPEG or TIFF image.

Complete Audit

All actions performed by the users are tracked to detect any suspicious activity and prevent unauthorized access. All searches, uploads, downloads, views, edits, shares and deletes are tracked to provide all information needed for corrective action.

Remote Restore

If you are on the run, and need files located on various devices, then ZGRO is your answer. From any device you can search for your files and push them to any device with a couple of clicks. It's that easy.

Automatic Backup

With our automatic protection feature, You can backup any new or ammended files continuously or via a schedule with deduplication, compression, group uploads and block-level backup. We also give you the ability to set bandwidth throttling and performance modes to reduce consumption during peak business hours.

Intelligent Filters

ZGRO Cloud intelligently analyses any image uploaded to the platform, helping you to save time and effort by searching camera type, resolution, location, date taken, dominant colour and more. You can also add your own data tags to organise your photos.

Media Aware

On average, 60-80% of all stored content is photos, videos and audio files. Your business needs a cost-effective way to store and locate these files with a click of a button. ZGRO Cloud offers an effortless measure to view all of your media files on-demand in one integrated solution.

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